*Indian Polity Important MCQ for upcoming competitive exam Q1.Concept of welfare state in Indian Constitution is included in(a) Fundamental Rights(b) Directive principles of state policy(c) Citizenship(d) Provision of Election CommissionS1. Ans.(b) Q2.In which year fundamental duties were included in the Indian Constitution?(a) 1974(b) 1975(c) 1976(d) 1977S2. Ans.(c) Q3.Which of the following articles of the Indian … Read more

Chronological order of Mughal emperor

Here is a chronological list of the significant Mughal emperors along with their reigns: 1. **Babur (1526-1530)** – Founder of the Mughal Empire. 2. **Humayun (1530-1556)** – Babur’s son who initially lost the empire but later regained it. 3. **Akbar the Great (1556-1605)** – Known for his administrative reforms and religious tolerance. 4. **Jahangir (1605-1627)** … Read more

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