Indian River

Brahmaputra River

Tributaries of Brahmaputra
North Bank Tributaries:
• The Subansiri
• The Siang
• The Kameng (Jiabharali in Assam)
• The Dhansiri(North)
• The Manas
• The Sankosh
• The Jiadhal
• The Puthimari
• The Pagladiya
• The Champabati
• The Saralbhanga
• The Aie
South Bank Tributaries:
• The Buridehing
• The Dibru
• The Dikhow
• The Dhansiri(South)
• The Kopili
• The Digaru
• The Dudhnai
• The Krishnai
• The Jinjiran
• The Kulsi
• The Bhogdoi

➢ Six tributaries namely the Tista, the Sankosh, the Raidak-I, the Raidak-II, the Torsa and the
Jaldhaka flowing through the northern West Bengal also join the mainstream of Brahmaputra but,
in the plains of Bangladesh.
➢Known as- Tsangpo in Tibet
➢Known as- Jamuna in Bangladesh
➢Known as- Siang/Dihang in Arunachal Pradesh

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