Biology is a branch of Science deals with the study of living organisms. It mainly include Botany (study of plants) and Zoology (study of Animals).

The scientist who gave this thoughts for the first time about the life of plants and animals was *Aristotle* , That’s why he is known as the father of Zoology.. he is very famous for that.


In 18th century, Carolus Linnaeus developed binomial nomenclature for living organisms.

*Whittaker classified living organisms (1969) into five kingdoms — Monera, protista, Fungi, plantae and Animalia.

*Monera includes bacteria and Mychoplasma, while, proista includes protozoa.

*Viruses are sub-microscopic, obligate, intracellular parasite consisting of nucleoprotein.WM Stanley firstly cristallised TMV

Viroids are smallest infectious single standard RNA Molecules discovered by TO Diener. this is the basic information about living organisms. We cal explain all these very largely.

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